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How do I place an order?
How do I get a Customer ID Number?
Where are the prices in your Catalog and on your Website?
When does merchandise get shipped?
How do you handle backordered shipments?
Can I purchase each item individually?
Why do I get error messages when downloading the online Catalog?
Do you have a minimum order requirement?
Are there any pricing discounts available?
What kind of plating do you offer?
What payment methods do you except?
How do I obtain an Open Account?
Is it safe for me to use my credit card? Is your site secure?
Are all orders subject to sales tax collection?
Can I order by regular mail or fax?
What is your privacy policy? How do you use my information?
What are "cookies" and how does use them?
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How can I find out about the status of my order?
What if I need to return something? What is your return policy?
Do you ship to foreign countries?
How many products does carry?
Is open to suggestions from consumers?

Why do I get error messages when downloading the online Catalog?

An error message comes up stating "Internet Explorer cannot download from the Internet site [file name] from [Website]. Server returned an invalid or unrecognized response." Three things can cause this error to occur:

  1. Your system resources may be too slow to write the file to your computer. Reboot your system and try downloading the file again.
  2. You may be seeing a WinProxy error. If this is the case, your Network Administrator will need to update your MS Proxy Server (The latest service pack can be found at Microsoft Proxy Update).
  3. Your Anti-Virus software may be blocking the file. Contact your Network Administrator to have them disable web scanning so you can download the document. Once downloaded, they can resume the scanning.

For other error related messages, please download winzip zip utility first, then download the online catalog.